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Lost Property Department

Collection of lost property is by appointment only. Please email [email protected] or ring 01 703 1321 to arrange an appointment to collect your lost item. 

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 08.45hrs to 17.00hrs.
Saturday and Sundays - Closed


Lost Property Office,
Dublin Bus, 
Earl Place,
Dublin 1

Thousands of items of lost property are left on our buses each year, so if you have lost property on one of our buses you are not alone. When an item has been lost on one of our buses, please email [email protected].

Please state the following information in your email;

  • Name, contact number and email address
  • Detailed description of the item that has been lost
  • Date item was lost
  • What bus number you were travelling on
  • What direction you were travelling
  • What bus stop you got on
  • What stop you got off at
  • What time did you board and alight from the bus

Monday to Thursday: any item found on our buses will be delivered to our Lost Property department within one working day between 14.30hrs until 17.00hrs. Friday to Sunday: items found will not reach our lost property office until the following Monday at 14.30hrs.

A fee of €2.00 applies to each item you claim, when collecting your lost property it may be necessary to show some sort of ID, especially if it is a high value item like a wallet, purse, mobile phone, laptop etc. 

As per contract with the NTA all customer data is retained for a minimum of 2 years.