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Bohemian FC and Dublin Bus Partnership Manifesto

Together we are in a different league

A partnership of two historic organisations rooted in the city, Dublin Bus and Bohemian FC, have come together with an ambitious goal to increase diversity and inclusivity within Irish football.

This ground-breaking partnership aims to tear down the barriers in football by elevating the women’s game and ensuring its amputee team, LGBTQ+ supporters group, Disability Supporters Association and community partnerships get the support and visibility they deserve. 

Image of two female Bohemian Football Club players, Dublin Bus CEO Billy Hann talking to a child
This partnership represents the people and culture of Dublin. Joining the movement to elevate football for all, we want to make Bohemian FC the most inclusive and diverse club in Ireland, which welcomes anyone who wants to play the beautiful game.

This change has already begun. To mark the extension of this partnership, Bohemian FC are proud to announce that both its men’s and women’s National League teams will now train at Dublin City University’s High-Performance Centre, providing equal access to world-class, elite training facilities.

Image of three Dublin Bus employees and CEO of Dublin Bus Billy Hann behind billboard that reads 'Proud Partners of Bohemian FC, Together we are in a different league'
Together, we will create a culture and environment that provides the same level of opportunity, respect, support, and visibility to everyone who wants to play football from youth to adulthood. We have mapped out below our aspirations and commitments across the spectrum of facilities, funding, visibility and career development over the three-year term of the partnership:

    • Increase attendance at Women’s National League games by 25%.
    • Increase awareness through a national awareness campaign promoting Diversity and Inclusion within the club and to our wider audience. 
    • Place women’s football on an equal footing to the men’s games by increasing visibility for it by 30% on social media.
    • Increase participation of girls/teenagers in football by 20%.
    • Engage with stakeholders working in the sporting arena to amplify the campaign.
    • Lead the national conversation around women in football through media, stakeholders engagement and the public by hosting an event featuring leading Irish and international sporting heroes.
    • Engage with leading political and business stakeholders to inform them about the vision, ambition and mission of the partnership. 
    • Increase representation in support and training staff across all club teams by 20%.
    • Increase our financial commitment by 30% over the next three years. 
    • Increase the number of female memberships of the club by 20%.
    • Increase the club’s activities with its amputee team. 
    • LGBTQ+ supporters group, and Disability Supporters Association through financial investment from the sponsorship.
    • Drive awareness of the club’s work with these groups through national media publicity campaigns at key times during the year, eg Dublin Pride Festival, National Day of Persons with Disability.
    • Continue to work to make football a more inclusive place for players and fans through LGBTQ+ inclusive initiatives, including working with ShoutOut to deliver workshops to all coaches and teams to educate on queer issues and improve inclusivity; supporting LGBTQ+ supporters group; and continued support and participation in Dublin Pride Festival.
    • Support the Bohs Amputee team competing in the Amputee Football Champions League.