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Dublin Bus Strategy

Dublin Bus Vision

• To provide a transport service where people feel safe, connected and part of sustainable community life in Dublin.

Dublin Bus Mission

• To continuously improve our customers’ experience and increase passenger numbers by ensuring that every journey matters and to increase the number of services offered to our customers.

Dublin Bus Values

• Safety is at the core of all that we do. Every experience our customers and employees have are built on our commitment to safe practices.
• By thinking like a customer we continually strive to enhance our customers experience.
• We embrace and respect diversity among our employees and are committed to providing a fulfilling employment experience.
• We cherish our ability to connect communities and help people to fully participate in society. Our employees and customers are embedded in the community and our values reflect this.

Dublin Bus Objectives

• To operate an efficient and profitable business while exceeding our performance objectives.
• To generate new business giving priority to customer experience and seeking to increase revenue streams.
• Embrace new technology that enhances our safety performance, helps us better understand our customers and enhances our work process.
• A commitment to working with key stakeholders, seeking to improve & increase public transport use in a sustainable manner.

Dublin Bus Strategy

• Promote the benefits of public transport by regular engagement with our stakeholders.
• Help reduce congestion in the city by introducing new commercial and limited stop services.
• Introduce tools to allow our dispersed employees share knowledge, generate new ideas and solve business challenges.
• Increase the use of public transport through service initiatives and increasing customer loyalty