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Spine C

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Phase 2 saw the new C-Spine launch on Sunday 28 November 2021.

This involved the introduction of the C-Spine (C1, C2, C3, C4), Route 52, eight peak only routes (P29, X25, X26, X27, X28, X30, X31 and X32) and six local routes (L51, L52, L53, L54, L58 and L59). The Express routes have significant changes, particularly for inbound services.

Two night-time routes (C5 and C6) will also be introduced. These night-time routes will follow a similar routing to the C3 and C4 but will operate via Chapelizod instead of the Chapelizod bypass. The C5 will also serve River Forest and Green Lane. In addition, the C1 and C2 will operate 24-hours a day. Phase 2 routes will be operated by Dublin Bus, with the exception of the L51 and L52 which will be operated by Go-Ahead Ireland. The introduction of Phase 2 will coincide with the removal of the following existing routes: 25, 25a, 25b, 25d, 25x, 66, 66a, 66b, 66e, 66n, 66x, 67, 67n and 67x operated by Dublin Bus and route 239, operated by Go-Ahead Ireland.

Phase 2 also introduced several new local routes for the first time. 

These significantly increased bus coverage serving more areas, with better frequency. Brand new links were introduced around Adamstown Station, Hazelhatch Station, Lucan, Leixlip and Celbridge.

• Routes L51 and L52 together provide a service from Adamstown Station via Dodsboro to Lucan Village and on to either Liffey Valley (L51) or Blanchardstown (L52). This provides a new connection to rail at Adamstown Station and upgrades the current link to Blanchardstown.
• Route L53 provides a half-hourly service between Adamstown Station and Liffey Valley passing through residential areas in South Lucan including Balgaddy and Fonthill Road.
• Route L54 is new and serves Leixlip (River Forest), Lucan, Clondalkin and the Red Cow Luas stop.
• Routes L58 and L59 provide a joint service between River Forest and Hazelhatch Station via Leixlip village and Hewlett Packard (L58) or Celbridge (L59). This provides long-requested links to rail at Hazelhatch and the first-ever all-day service in the residential areas of Celbridge.

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These changes have been coordinated as part of the TFI public transport network. For more information visit