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Vision Impairment

All buses will stop if there is a person with a long cane or a guide dog at the bus stop. If you can’t see the bus number, please ask the driver where the bus is going when you get on.

Let the driver know where exactly you wish to get off the bus so that they can tell you when the bus gets to that stop.  Although the driver will do their best to inform you of your stop, unfortunately they may sometimes forget this because they are concentrating on safely driving a large vehicle with many customers in traffic.

If the driver does forget, ask them how far past your correct stop you are, and if it would be possible to walk back to it.  If you are too far from your stop, ask the driver to take you to the next stop that is near an audible pedestrian crossing so that you can cross the road and get the bus back in the correct direction.

All of our new buses have Audio announcements which will tell you the next stop. Please know your stop name so you can ring the bell in plenty of time to let driver know you wish to leave the bus.