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Pregnant Women and Passengers with Buggies

If you are a mum to be, or if you are travelling on Dublin Bus with a baby and buggy, here are some tips that will help you. Baby on Board badges are available in our Head Office at 59 upper O'Connell Street. This badge makes it easier to let other passengers know that you need a seat. 

Wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for use of the wheelchair space, since this is the only place in which they can travel safely.

Low-floor buses are designed so that buggies can remain unfolded in the wheelchair space if it is free.  Please make sure the buggy is safely positioned and the brake is on, unfolded buggies cannot travel in the gangway.  You should be able to board any low-floor bus with a buggy.  If the driver thinks that it is too crowded for you to board safely, he may refuse you boarding. The driver will not ask anybody already travelling to get off the bus to make room.

If someone in a wheelchair wishes to board when there is an unfolded buggy in the wheelchair space, the driver will ask you to fold the buggy and either put it in the luggage space or keep it by your side.

An unoccupied buggy must be folded and stored in the baggage area.

On all new buses there is both a wheelchair space and a buggy space, buggy owners may use both spaces but the buggy owner in the wheelchair space must move out of this space if a wheelchair user wishes to board the bus.  

Best Buggies for traveling on Dublin Bus

Buying a buggy that you will use on public transport can be tricky as there is such a big choice of buggies on the market. We want to make travelling on our services as easy as possible, so here are some tips when using Dublin Bus with your buggy:

  • Select a buggy that is small, compact, and easy to manoeuvre so you can travel through the bus easily.
  • Select a buggy that is easy to fold as space can be limited on our buses.
  • Ask for assistance from a fellow customer (people are willing to help but reluctant unless asked).
  • It is safe to hold your baby on your lap on the bus. Urban buses do not need seat belts, they are designed to carry standing customers in the lower saloon.
  • If you are using a double buggy, please ensure it is no more than 750mm wide. Always remember to safely secure your child’s buggy. The brakes should be applied at all times. Please do not obstruct the aisle of the bus.

All of our buses have at least one wheelchair bay and almost half of our buses have space for a wheelchair and a buggy meaning:

  • If you wish to board the bus which only has one wheelchair bay, you may use this space if it is free, however if a wheelchair user wishes to travel on the bus, you will be asked to fold your buggy as this is the only area a wheelchair user can travel safely.
  • Since 2010 any new buses have both a wheelchair space and a buggy space. Please use the buggy area first and keep the wheelchair space free.
  • If the buggy space is occupied and a second buggy user wishes to board the bus, they may use the wheelchair bay as long as it is free but will be asked to fold their buggy if a wheelchair user wants to travel on the bus.