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Passengers Using Wheelchairs

On all low floor buses there is one space for a person using a wheelchair. Wheelchairs can be accommodated up to a size of 70cm wide and 120cm long.

All buses will stop if there is a wheelchair user at the bus stop. 

When boarding a bus, please consider the following:

  • Keep clear of the bus while it is kneeling, and the ramp is lowered.
  • Be patient and wait for the ramp to rest on the footpath. When the ramp is down, board the bus facing forward.  This makes it easier to position yourself once on board.
  • Once you are on board; position yourself in the wheelchair space with your back against the backrest and put your brakes on to make sure your chair does not move when the bus does. 

To leave the bus, press the button with the wheelchair symbol on it, next to the wheelchair space, shortly before your stop. This bell has a distinct sound which lets the driver know that you wish to leave the bus. Please be patient as the safety arm is raised (on the EV type buses only) and the driver lowers the ramp. 
Always board and exit the bus by the front doors.

Ramp exit is only at front doors.

If you are unable to board a bus because of a broken ramp, please wait for the next bus and inform our Customer Comment Desk by phoning 01-8734222.