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Native bees and other pollinators pollinate approximately 85% of flowering plants on earth. With changes in land use causing the decline of our natural habitats, native pollinator populations are declining rapidly, with the threat of extinction in some species.
Image of wildflower meadow which is in our Broadstone Depot
As well as creating a colourful landscape, native wildflowers can provide crucial pollen and nectar resources to our pollinators.

In 2022, Bus Átha Cliath transformed a large soil embankment at Broadstone depot into a native wildflower meadow. The area was seeded with native wildflowers, increasing urban biodiversity, supporting dwindling numbers of native pollinators, and providing a habitat for small birds and insects. This meadow also incorporates multiple bird feeders along the embankment and is also close to the Broadstone Beehive. The CIE sustainability fund supports this initiative.