Getting started with Leap

A Leap Card is a reloadable smartcard that can be used to pay for individual journeys using travel credit and more regular commuters can load Rambler, Monthly or Annual tickets onto their Leap Card.

Where can I buy it?
You can buy a Leap Card here or at any Payzone outlet.

Where can I use it?
You can use your Leap Card when travelling on all Dublin Bus services, including Xpresso and Nitelink, as well as Luas, Dart and Commuter Rail services.

How much does it cost?
A fully refundable deposit of €5.00 (Child €3.00) is charged for your card and you must also top-up with a minimum of €5.00 Travel Credit.

What if I lose my Leap Card?
You can register your Leap Card here to protect against loss or theft.  Once you report your stolen card within 5 days, you can order a replacement card which will be sent out to you in 5 working days.


Adult Fares 
Short Zone €1.30
Long Zone €2.00
Young Adult/Student Fares  
Short Zone €0.65
Long Zone €1.00●
Xpresso  €1.20●
Child Fares (U19 yrs) 
Long Zone €0.65
Nitelink Fare 
Adult €2.40
Young Adult/Student €1.20
Child €1.00


Customers 16 to 18 years of age (inclusive) must use a Personalised Child Leap Card to avail of child fares. There is no cash alternative.

Please pay at the driver's ticket machine.
To avail of this fare, simply present your Leap Card to the smart card reader on the right hand side as you enter the bus.

Customers 16 to 18 years of age must use a personalised Child Leap Card to avail of child fares. 

Auto Top-up

Auto Top-up allows you to automatically top-up your Leap Card with Travel Credit directly from your bank account. It’s simple. Just go online at, activate your card with this function, select the Auto Top-up amount you require and the next time your card reaches a €10 balance, Auto Top-up will kick in and you will never run out of travel credit again. And the even greater thing is you will upload the Travel Credit when you board the bus.

Leap Card Fare Capping

Do you travel regularly and use a Leap Card? If so, Leap Card Fare Capping is for you. 

Fare capping is really easy. The Leap Card system caps your use of travel credit, so once you have taken trips using your travel credit that add up to the equivalent of the daily or weekly cap value, you can continue to travel as normal, but no further travel credit will be taken from your card.

When travelling on Dublin Bus, the daily cap for an adult is €5.60 and the weekly cap is €22.00. So for example, if you are taking two journeys a day to get to and from work of €2.00 each, you would hit the weekly cap on Dublin Bus on your 11th trip (11 x €2.00 = €22.00) and all other journeys after that would be free. 

The cap is measured on a calendar week, starting on Monday and finishing on Sunday. 

For Leap cards used on Route 15 and 41 (24 hour service) weekly Capping starts at 04.30hrs on a Sunday to 04.29hrs the following Sunday.

There is also a multi-operator cap if you are travelling on Dublin Bus, Luas, Dart and Commuter Rail. The daily cap is €8.00 and the weekly cap is €32.00.
When the cap is reached you should continue to touch on as normal to have a valid ticket. For further details on Leap Card Fare Capping, please see

Adult Leap Card

5 Day and 30 Day Rambler tickets are available on Leap Card.  You can buy a Rambler ticket on either an anonymous or personalised Leap Card. Rambler tickets can be used for either consecutive or non-consecutive days of travel.

Dublin Bus monthly and annual tickets can be bought and loaded on to a personalised Leap Card. You can receive a Personalised Leap Card by downloading the application form here.

Adult Anonymous Leap Card Personalised Leap Card
Anonymous Leap Card Personalised Leap Card

To buy a Rambler ticket using a Leap Card, simply present your card to the sales assistant in any shop with the Leap Card sign. The Rambler product will then be loaded electronically on to your Leap Card.

5 Day Rambler (unlimited travel for consecutive or non-consecutive days) €26.00  
30 Day Rambler (unlimited travel for consecutive or non-consecutive days) €132.00  
1 Day Family Rambler (unlimited travel for 1 calendar day) €12.00  
Monthly bus only (unlimited travel for 1 calendar month) €115.00  
Annual bus only (unlimited travel for 12 consecutive months) €1150.00  


Child Leap Card

There are two versions of the Child Leap Card.

Children 5 - 15 years of age (inclusive) can use an anonymous Child Leap Card. You can buy an anonymous Leap Card at any Payzone outlet.

For children between 16 and 18 years of age, an application must be completed to obtain a personalised Leap Card. To avail of the child fares you must use a personalised Leap Card and there is no cash alternative. Download an application form here.

A €3 fully refundable deposit is charged for the card and you must also top-up with a minimum of €5 travel credit.

The travel credit can then be used to pay for individual journeys. When the cap below is reached, no further charges will apply. A maximum of €1.15 will apply to capping when using Xpresso services.

  Dublin Bus Only  Bus / Luas / Dart and Commuter Rail 
  Daily Weekly Daily Weekly
Child €2.10 €6.80 €2.80 €11.20

You can register your Leap Card here to protect against loss or theft. It is important to report your lost or stolen card as soon as possible to ensure you can be fully refunded, as refunds can only be processed from midnight on the day of the report. A replacement Leap Card will be posted to you within 5 working days with the travel credit balance from the lost card.

Visitor Leap Card

The Visitor Leap card allows for unlimited use on all Dublin Bus, including Nitelink and Xpresso, Go Ahead, DART & Commuter Rail and Luas services. The card is not valid on DoDublin Tours.

The card is validated by touching on at the smart card reader on the right hand side as you enter the bus.

The card can be purchased at Spar Terminal 1 and Wrights Terminal 2.

 Leap Visitor CardPrice 
1 day (24 hours) €8.00  
3 days (72 hours) €16.00  
7 days (168 hours) €32.00  

TFI 90 Minute Fare

The new TFI 90 Minute Fare will allow free transfer between different public transport services in the Dublin area within 90 minutes of your first trip. It will apply to Dublin city bus services operated by Dublin Bus and Go Ahead Ireland, Luas, and most DART and commuter rail services in the Dublin area. 

The new fare structure includes a short distance fare for single trips.

  Adult Student/Young Adult Child
Short €1.30 €0.65 €0.65
TFI 90 Minute Fare €2.00 €1.00 €0.65
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