Liberty Hall Theatre

The modern Liberty Hall opened in the early 1960’s. Built by the T.G.W.U as a facility for the union. The hall itself was originally a 700 seater flat floored venue on two levels with a small proscenium stage.

In 2002 the hall was modernised and the new Liberty Hall Theatre was born with the Connolly Hall and Cois Life Bar added.

Since its reincarnation the Liberty Hall theatre has presented  pantomimes, plays, opera, comedy, films and  festivals and shows from Dublin, Hungary, India, Poland, Palestine, Nepal, Pakistan, most of the African nations,  The Philippines, China , USA, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico.

Shows from all over Ireland, both amateur and professional and many community and voluntary arts /performance groups have performed on the stage.

Bus Routes that serve Liberty Hall Theatre

14, 15, 27, 27a, 27b, 42, 43, 130

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