Interference with Vehicles

29. No person shall touch or interfere with the engine, steering gear or any part of the controlling mechanisms of a vehicle.

30. No person shall touch or interfere with the ticketing apparatus or any part of the ticketing mechanism of a vehicle except for the purpose of validating the ticket.

31. No person shall willfully soil a vehicle or any part of a vehicle. 

32. No person shall break, cut, scratch, tear, soil, deface or damage any of the fittings, furniture, decorations or equipment, any notice, advertisements, number, figure or letter on any vehicle or remove or detach any such article or thing. 

33. No person shall deface or damage any part of a vehicle or any property on a vehicle.

34. No person whose clothing or accessories are in a condition likely to soil or injure the linings or cushions of the seats of a vehicle or the clothing or luggage of any passenger shall board or remain in any vehicle unless authorised to do so by an authorised person.

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