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What is Real Time Information?
Real Time Information will show you when your bus is due to arrive at your bus stop so you can plan your journey more accurately.

How does it work?
Buses are equipped with an onboard computer, GPS navigation system and a radio which allows them to report their position to a central computer. The central computer then estimates how long the bus will take to reach all bus stops along the route.

How can I get Real Time Information?
You can access Real Time Information a number of different ways depending on where you are or what suits you. The easiest way to access Real Time Information is by entering your bus stop number on or, by texting on your phone or by using the Dublin Bus Apps.

How do I find my bus stop number?
You can find it on the top of the stop just below the Dublin Bus castle symbol.

Are all bus stops included?
All 5000 bus stops and shelters on the Dublin Bus network are included. For details on the stops that have Real Time Information displays see

Which bus services are available on the system?
All Dublin Bus services are available except for Nitelink services, tours and special events.

Who is responsible for this service?
This has been developed by Dublin Bus on behalf of the National Transport Authority. Dublin Bus is responsible for the automatic vehicle location system and the real time arrival predictions for its buses.
The National Transport Authority, established in 2009, has responsibility for contracting and securing the provision of public passenger transport services for the travelling public, including information services. You can visit their website at 

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