Standard Fare

What is a Standard Fare?

Random spot checks are carried out without warning on all Dublin Bus services. Dublin Bus officials inspect all customer tickets to check that they are valid. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will be issued with a standard fare which means you must pay a penalty of €100 or face the possibility of a court appearance and a €1000 fine.

However, if you pay the Standard Fare within 21 days of issue we will accept a reduce payment of €50.

A ticket is not valid for the following reasons: 

  1. You have not paid the correct cash fare
  2. Your prepaid ticket is not in-date
  3. You do not have the required Photo Identity Card with a travel pass from the Department of Social Protection
  4. You are using another person’s personalised Leap Card
  5. You do not have an in-date Student Leap Card with valid ticket

How to pay a Standard Fare?

  1. In person using cash or credit card at Dublin Bus Head Office, 59 Upper
    O’Connell Street. You must bring your standard fare with you.
  2. By post, send a cheque into the standard fares department, Dublin Bus Head Office, 59 Upper O’ Connell Street, Dublin 1 with a copy of the Standard Fare.




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