Equality and Diversity Strategy

The Dublin Bus Equality and Diversity Strategy helps us to create a more efficient and fulfilling work environment for staff, meet the changing needs of customers and develop a greater connection to the entire community that we serve.

We are committed to delivering a quality customer service to all our customers and to creating a fair and inclusive workplace where individuals are respected and where people can work to the best of their ability.

We have developed an Action Plan which outlines how we intend to:

  • Apply the principles of equality and inclusion to people management
  • Relate these principles to how we operate, develop and promote the business
  • Involve staff and reflect the diversity of our workforce; and
  • Evaluate the benefits of any changes we make in relation to equality and diversity

Everyone at Dublin Bus has a role in ensuring that this policy is demonstrated in everyday performance and that Dublin Bus continues as leaders in good corporate practice.

Equality and Diversity - What we mean
Equality and Diversity Strategy

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