Dublin Bus Launches Second Airlink Route Between Dublin City And Airport

Published on Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dubliners Are A Last Minute Bunch: Over Half Leave Holiday Packing To The Day Before Going Away!Dubliners Are A Last Minute Bunch: Over Half Leave Holiday Packing To The Day Before Going Away!

This Sunday, June 26th, Dublin Bus launches a new Airlink route serving the south side of the city. Helping to get Dubliners to Dublin Airport on time, the new 757 route is the most direct route to Dublin Airport via the Port Tunnel and serves busy tourist, business and residential areas including St Stephens Green, Merrion Square, the Docklands (Silicon Dock) and the IFSC. Airlink now offers travellers two routes between Dublin city and Dublin Airport and excellent value for money (adult single tickets €6/€10 return) with buses on the new route beginning at 5am and running through to 12.15am. For further information on route and timetable see Route 757 

Responding to increased customer demand for Airlink services, it is expected the route will carry 400,000 customer journeys each year. The new 757 route and extension to services on the original 747 route in February 2016 creates 40 new jobs. The route will serve up to 35 additional hotels and guest houses in Dublin city, equating to over 7,000 beds. Combined with the northside Airlink route, both routes will serve up to 90 hotels and guesthouses (over 18,000 beds). 

To celebrate the launch of the new route we wanted to find out a little more about our customers’ holiday experience and preparation, so we asked and here’s what we found out …

20% of Dubliners always write a list of what’s going into their suitcase before they start packing (who knew so many people had that much time to spare!). 71% begin their holiday shopping (clothes, sun glasses, suncreams, beach towel, etc) 3 weeks before going on holidays abroad. Surprisingly though, when it comes to actually getting everything into the case most only start this the day before going away (53%), while 41% do it a week before heading off. 

Most of the time Dubliners like to get to Dublin Airport 2 hours before their flight (59%) but they did find a few eager beavers, with 5% saying they like to arrive 4 hours or more before flying! The stress can get to some too, 25% admit to having fought with their holiday companion before even getting to Dublin Airport. 

It seems that Dubliners aren’t chatterboxes – 72% don’t like speaking to strangers sitting beside them on a flight. But there’s always one … or 28%! Most are super organised, with 97% having never forgotten their passport. In saying that, 13% admitted missing a flight and there are some (4%) who have arrived at the airport for their flight on the wrong day … scarleh. 

When it comes to the security check the majority of people’s (54%) biggest pet peeve is those in front of them not knowing what to do, and 32% of us also hate getting pulled aside because we forgot to take out that bottle of liquid or tweezers. We did find a few guilty consciences too who said they suffer with “the fear you'll get caught for something even though you've done nothing wrong.”

77% of those surveyed travel on at least 1 foreign holiday each year. Dubliners most enjoy travelling with family and friends (81%), but there are a few lone wolves (7%) preferring to travel alone. 

Treating those at home is still important to most; 77% buy presents while on holiday or in the airport on the way back. 4% aren’t so prepared and admitted to buying presents when back home in Dublin (sneaky) and 16% even admitted to not buying presents (their poor families!).

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