Using Leap Card on Dublin Bus - Enjoy Your Journey

Published on Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is a Leap Card?
A Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that can be used instead of paying with cash or paper tickets when travelling on all Dublin Bus services, including Airlink, Xpresso and Nitelink. It can also be used on Luas, Dart & Commuter Rail services.

Types of Leap Card
There are Adult, Child and Student Leap Cards available. An Adult Leap Card can be used by a person of any age and adult fares will be applied. A Child Leap Card can be used by Children aged 4 to 16 and child fares will be applied. Children aged 16-18 must use a personalised Child Leap Card. Students can apply for Student Travel Card, which is a personalised Leap Card and will also work as an I.D. that will allow students to buy special Student Tickets. 

Standard Leap Card  Personalised Leap Card

Where do I get a Leap Card?
Leap Cards can be bought online at or at over 500 Leap Card shops around the city. A full list of these shops can be found here

How much does a Leap Card cost?
When you get a Leap Card, a fully refundable deposit is charged. This is €5 for Adult Cards, €12 for Student and €3 for Child Cards. You must also top it up with a minimum of €5 Travel Credit before your journey. Travel Credit is a cash value which you load onto the card and every time you use the card the cost of the journey is deducted. Travel Credit can be loaded to your Leap Card at Leap Card agent shops, at Luas and Irish Rail ticket machines or online at

Can I purchase products rather than Travel Credit?
Products can also be added to your Leap Card as an alternative to Travel Credit. Present your Leap Card to a sales assistant in a shop where the Leap Card sign is displayed and they will load the product electronically to your card. Leap Cards can hold both Travel Credit and products.

What Dublin Bus products are available on Leap Card?
There are a range of Dublin Bus Rambler products available which are valid for either 5 or 30 non-consecutive days. These are:

Rambler 5 Day Adult €27.50
Rambler 30 Day Adult €137.50
Rambler 5 Day Student €20.00
Rambler 30 Day Student €100.00
How do I use a Leap Card on Dublin Bus?

You should pay by placing the Leap Card on to the drivers ticket machine and telling the driver your destination and the correct amount will be deducted.

For longer journeys (over 13 stages) you can pay a flat fare by touching the Leap Card against the validator, located on the right hand side as you enter the bus. A green light will appear and you will also hear a beep to notify you that you have touched on successfully. 

You do not need to touch off when exiting the bus.

To use product on a Leap Card simply hold your card to the validator as you enter the bus and check the screen to see how many days you have left to use.

Benefits of using a Leap Card

You Pay Less

It’s almost 20% cheaper than paying with cash and eliminates the issue of having exact change.

Leap 90 Discount
If you are using Travel Credit on your Leap Card and you take two or more Dublin Bus trips within 90 minutes of each other a discount of up to €1 will automatically be applied to the second fare.

Fare Capping
If you are using travel credit, there is a daily limit of €6.90 and weekly limit of €27.50 on the amount of Dublin Bus journeys that you will be charged for. Once you have reached this limit, your next journeys will be free automatically. You can continue to travel as normal and validate your card.

Auto Top-up
This allows you to automatically top-up your Leap Card with Travel Credit directly from your bank account when your card reaches a €10 balance and you will never run out of credit again.  Just go online at, activate your Card with this function, and select the auto Top-up amount you require.

Added Security
You should register your Card at so, if your Card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced with any remaining Travel Credit or days of travel.

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