• Will the Closing Mass event ticket be valid on hubs and normal scheduled services? Yes
  • Will free travel cards and Leap Cards be accepted on the transport hubs? The Closing Mass event ticket will be the only ticket accepted at the transport hubs. The services at the transport hubs are dedicated to those attending the event in the Phoenix Park.

Transport Hubs

  • Where can I find out exact locations of transport hubs and stops? Detailed maps available here.
  • What time will services start and finish on the hubs on Sunday 26 Aug? Services will commence from 8.00 and run until late in the evening. Chief Inspectors will be on the ground to monitor the situation and ensure that services meet the needs of people attending.
  • How often will buses be running from the hubs? A shuttle service will be in operation from the hubs. Buses will be departing every 5 mins approx.
  • How close are the hubs to the Phoenix Park? Approx. 2km.
  • If I arrive at a Dublin Bus hub, will someone be available to assist me? Each Dublin Bus hub will have a team of Chief Inspectors to assist the public on the day.
  • What if I miss the bus I want to return on? The public can return by normal scheduled services. 
  • Am I allocated a bus to return on or how does this work? The public will be required to return to the hub they arrived by, where buses will depart regularly. 

Diversions and enhanced services

  • What additional services will be in place to facilitate people travelling to the three-day Pastoral Congress taking place at the RDS on 22, 23 & 24 Aug? There will be enhanced services on all routes serving the area. 
  • Will additional services be in place for Croke Park event on 25 Aug? Croke Park and the surrounding areas are well served by Dublin Bus. See our Bus it to events page for a full list of routes serving the area. We will have a team of Chief Inspectors on the ground who will monitor the situation and organise additional services if required. 
  • What time will normal scheduled services start and finish on Sunday 26 Aug? Normal scheduled services will run as per the regular timetables. 
  • Will there be additional capacity on normal scheduled services on Sunday 26 Aug? In addition to our normal scheduled Sunday service, Dublin Bus will have 7 dedicated transport hubs, throughout the city, to bring you as close as possible to the Phoenix Park. Regular services from the transport hubs will commence from early in the morning and finish at night.
  • Will Dublin Bus routes change/scheduled stops change from 22 to 26 August? Diversions will be in place on Saturday 25 August and Sunday 26 August. Details of the diversions are available here.
  • Will Nitelink be operating? Nitelink will be operating, as normal on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August.
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