Dublin Bus Celebrates A New Class Of Driver

Published on Monday, December 12, 2016

Dublin Bus, the largest transporter in the state, continues to work to change perceptions and for the very first time celebrates an all-female class of graduating new drivers. The graduation of Jennifer Dixon, Elizabeth Cummins, Tracy Sullivan, Rachel Dunne and Sinead Hilliard brings the total number of women drivers to 84, representing 3.3% of all drivers. The company continues to invite prospective candidates, male and female, who wish to join a team of world class drivers to apply for the role. For further information and to apply online visit our Human Resources section.

Dublin Bus drivers attend the training centre to complete their Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) and driving skills training. This is delivered by a team of qualified experienced trainers, the majority of whom still work as bus drivers in service. Using regular service drivers ensures they remain in touch with day-to-day issues for bus drivers. 

Female drivers

The training centre provides a six week training programme to recruits. The first three and a half weeks is spent with driving instructors on D licence instruction and recruits take their Department of Environment driving test. They then spend two weeks completing classroom based training on modules such as tickets and on bus technology, customer service, advanced driving standards, wellbeing, and policies and procedures. Their last few days in the Training Centre includes a Driving Skills Assessment course and night driving. 

In 2014 the company won the CPC Training Organisation of the Year at the Road Safety Authority’s Leading Lights in Road Safety Awards.

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