A note from our CEO Ray Coyne

Published on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It’s great to write this update on the back of such good news. By any standards the speed and success of our national vaccine programme has been remarkable. Thanks to the wonder of science in developing the vaccine, and the skills and logistical expertise of our public service in rolling out our national vaccine programme, we can now look forward to the future with a real sense of optimism. We can look forward to the first full house at the Aviva or Croke Park. We can plan to meet old friends and family. We can support business and the arts by enjoying all our city has to offer. All major milestones after a really trying 18 months.

For Dublin Bus this week brings such a milestone. From Wednesday 1 September Dublin Bus will – for the first time since March 2020 – operate at full capacity. This means:

  • all Dublin Bus services can now carry the maximum capacity allowed by law
  • face coverings remaining mandatory on Dublin Bus
  • all seats will now be available
  • windows should remain open for ventilation purposes  

The move to 100% onboard capacity is something Dublin Bus has sought for several months.  Our operational data has shown customer demand returning strongly. At the same time, I’ve heard directly from other business leaders about the challenges posed by capacity restraints on public transport. Now with schools, colleges and in office work returning (in some form) we only expect this demand to increase. So, now is the right time to return services to full capacity.

I know this will be a big change for existing customers as well as those returning to our services for the first time in a long time. The reality is that, yes, people will sit beside you on the bus. I want all customers to know that Dublin Bus will never take shortcuts when it comes to safety. From fleet to Covid-19 protocols ours is a business with an embedded and deep-rooted culture of safety. Since the onset of the pandemic we have led the way in introducing additional safety measures. They include: 

  • an enhanced daily cleaning regime which includes the sanitising of frequently touched surfaces on board. 
  • an extended cleaning regime to include inter-peak cleaning at depots and termini points throughout the city. 
  • installation of hand sanitiser units on board. 

With the move to full capacity, safety remains our number one priority so that’s why all these measures remain in place.

In this year of crisis, providing an essential service to those who depend on public transport whilst protecting the health and safety of customers and employees has been our urgent and abiding consideration. But that does not mark the full extent of what we can do as a company and it does not mark the full extent of what Dublin Bus intends to do.  

Looking to the future I want what everyone else wants – the pandemic in the rear-view mirror so we can get on with the job of work at hand. We will, in partnership with the National Transport Authority, continue to deliver the BusConnects Network Redesign. We will introduce new 24/7 services and continue the journey to a zero-emission fleet. So, we have exciting times to look forward to. 

Finally, to our returning customers – thank you for your patience and welcome back!

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