Filming and photography with Dublin Bus

These are the requirements if you wish to undertake filming and photo shoots on Dublin Bus services, or at bus stops. 

Please Note: We do not allow filming on buses which are in service.

Cost: A fee of €130 is required prior to filming/photoshoot to cover administration costs.

Contact Information

Please email the details of your request to and include the following information:

  • Date and time of proposed filming (we cannot facilitate filming during peak times – weekdays 07.00-10.00 & 16.00-19.00). 
  • Insurance Details. 
  • Copy of script (Written confirmation that DB will not be shown in a negative light).
  • Number and details of film crew.
  • Details of equipment involved in the shoot. 

We require a minimum of 10 working days’ notice for all requests.

Insurance Details: The following must be provided in advance:

  • Specific Indemnity to Dublin Bus and CIE to be noted under liability policies for the duration of the filming to be placed on your insurance.  
  • A minimum of €2.6million public liability insurance cover for handheld cameras and no cables or trailing wires. If filming involves tripod, trailing cables, freestanding spotlights or dolly and tracks, public liability insurance requirements may be up to €6.5 million as defined by our insurance company. 
  • Confirmation that the equipment being used is insured on an instatement basis with a waiver of rights to recovery against CIÉ/Dublin Bus if the value of the equipment is above €100,000. 
  • Employers Liability Insurance Cover of at least €13 million. 
  • Filming cannot proceed until clearance is received from our insurance brokers
  • Any property is at owners risk while filming with Dublin Bus.

Other relevant information:
It may be necessary for Dublin Bus to cancel with little or no notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

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