Passenger Behaviour

39. Each passenger shall comply with any lawful direction given him by an authorised person, including a request to leave or not to board the vehicle.

No passenger shall travel—
40. (a) on the upper deck of a double deck vehicle unless he occupies a seat provided for that purpose, or
40. (b) on the stairways of a vehicle, or
40. (c) on any other part of a vehicle which is not provided for the conveyance of passengers.

41. No passenger who, in the opinion of an authorised person, is in a state of intoxication or otherwise in an unfit or improper condition shall board or remain on the vehicle.

42. No passenger shall while travelling on any vehicle place his feet upon any seat except with the permission of an authorised person. 

43. No person shall consume alcoholic drinks or other beverages or food while on the vehicle.

44. No person shall spit in or from the vehicle. 

45. No person shall smoke or carry a lighted pipe, cigarette, cigar or cheroot in any vehicle or part of the vehicle. 

46.  No person shall throw or deposit any litter, lighted match, cigarette, cigar, cheroot, chewing gum or other substance on the vehicle except into a receptacle expressly provided for that purpose. 

47. No person shall throw or trail from the vehicle or throw at the vehicle any article or thing whatsoever.

48. No person shall remain on the vehicle after having been requested by an authorised person to depart.

49. No person shall distribute any document for the purpose of giving or seeking information except with the consent of an authorised person on the vehicle.

50. No person shall tout, ply for or solicit alms, reward or custom any employment of any description on the vehicle. 

51. No person shall sell or expose or offer for sale any article or goods whatsoever on the vehicle.

52. No person while on the vehicle shall sing, perform on any musical or other instruments or use any audible radio, television, record player, tape recorder or portable apparatus. 

53. No person shall molest or interfere with the comfort or convenience of any passenger or person in or about the vehicle.

54. No person shall at any time while on the vehicle use any threatening, abusive or offensive language. 

55. No person shall behave in a riotous, disorderly, indecent or offensive manner in or about the vehicle.

56. A person shall deliver up to an authorised person any article of lost property found by him on the vehicle.

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