Bringing on items

Bringing on items likely to cause damage to a vehicle
35. No person shall take or cause to be taken on to any vehicle if requested not to do so by an authorised person any bird, animal, article or thing which by reason of its nature is in the opinion of the authorised person likely to cause annoyance or damage to any passenger or damage to any property.

36. No person except a member of the Defense Forces or of the Garda Síochána acting in the course of his duty shall take, or cause to be taken, upon any vehicle any weapon of any kind or any inflammable explosive or corrosive gas, spirit or substance. 

37. No person shall take or cause to be taken upon any vehicle any article or thing, including alcohol, which is or may become dangerous or offensive to any person or property.

38. If a person who contravenes the above Bye-Laws also fails to remove from the vehicle immediately upon a request by an authorised person any article or thing to which these Bye-Laws relate the same may be removed by or under the directions of an authorised person.

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